Landscape Design

Landscape design is a profession that focuses on designing gardens and small, often residential landscapes. The Landscape Design program immerses students in the history and theory of garden design, broadens their horticultural knowledge and plant vocabulary, and nurtures their creativity while grounding them technically. This program is a specialized curriculum designed to prepare students to be desirable employees of nurseries, greenhouses, florists or landscape businesses. Both maintenance and establishment of lawns, as well as, landscaping homes and businesses are included in the curriculum. The principles of design are also included along with plant identification, budgeting, and cultivation procedures.

Courses of Study
• Botany
• Soil and Environmental Factors
• Landscape Design
• Small Engines and Hand Tools
• Lawn Renovation
• Tree Care
• Disease & Insect Control
• Establishing Lawns
• Planting Perennial and Annuals
• Plant Care
• Propagating Nursery Stock
Career Paths
• Landscaper
• Lawn Service
• Groundskeeper
• Farm Worker
• Laborers
• Nursery/Greenhouse Worker
• Turf Management
• Entrepreneur


• ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute)
• NCMA ( National Concrete/ Masonry Association
• Versa‐Lok Basic Training
Articulated Credits
• Westmoreland County CC
Post Secondary Opportunities
• California University of PA
• Indiana University of PA
• Penn College
• Westmoreland County CC