National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society is the acknowledged leader in the recognition of outstanding student achievement in career and technical education.  Student candidates must meet national and local membership standards and are students who have demonstrated scholastic achievement, skill development, leadership, honesty, responsibility, and good character.


Forbes NTHS Induction Ceremony took place on Tuesday, March 05, 2013.  Thirty eight students from 10 sending schools were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.


In attendance at this event were school board members, superintendents, principals, guidance counselors, directors, parents, and friends.  Approximately 150 guests were present to witness the induction of our students and congratulate them on their achievement.


2013 NTHS Students


NTHS – Academic GPA
Kassie Devlin
Ed Bell
Haley Sullivan
Emily Maaghul
Skyler Hill
Haley Tiani
Penn Hills
Kory Eanes
Camille Hickman
Amanda McCoy
Mikeya Swinton
Glen Wolfarth
Alexandrea Hutfles
Peyton Bell
Dan Freeauf
Jade Likins
Devin Vogeding
Sam Helbling
Kahlil Johnson
Allen Howard
Nathan Ofcansky
John Hladney
Tiffany Shook
Savannah Johnson 
East Allegheny
Andrew McLaughlin
Racheal Elaschat
Parrish Hairston
Anthony Swidorsky
Zach Roebuck
John Zuro
Lanayja Willis
Anthony Klaeser
Woodland Hills
Porter Kaboly
Osei Afoxe
Jessica Gould
Kelsey Repert
Kira Uber 
Penn Trafford
Andrew Porch
Johnathen Henchell
Afoxe, Osei – Child Care Services; Wilkinsburg
Bell, Ed – Info Tech and Gaming; Plum
Bell, Peyton – Electrical Tech; Gateway 
Devlin, Kassie – Advertising Design; Plum
Eanes, Kory – Advertising Design; Penn Hills
Elaschat, Racheal – Info Tech and Gaming; East Allegheny
Freeauf, Dan – Electrical Tech; Gateway
Gould, Jessica – Child Care Services; WPSD
Hairston, Parrish – Health Science; East Allegheny
Helbling, Sam – Diesel Technology; Gateway
Henchell, Johnathen – Warehouse Management; Riverview
Hickman, Camille – Advertising Design; Penn Hills
Hill, Skyler – Computer Network & Security; Plum
Hladney, Jonathan – Auto Tech; Highlands
Howard, Allen – Computer Network & Security; Gateway
Hutfles, Alexandrea – Advertising Design; Gateway
Johnson, Kahlil – Computer Network & Security; Gateway
Johnson, Savannah – Child Care Services; Highlands
Kaboly, Porter – Child Care Services: Woodland Hills
Klaeser, Anthony – Auto Tech; Springdale
Likins, Jade – Info Tech and Gaming; Gateway
Maaghul, Emily – Cosmetology; Plum
McCoy, Amanda – Advertising Design; Penn Hills
McLaughlin, Andrew – Machine Tool Technology; East Allegheny
Ofcansky, Nathan – Warehouse Management; Gateway
Porch, Andrew – Multimedia Design; Penn Trafford
Repert, Kelsey – Advertising Design; WPSD
Roebuck, Zach – Diesel Technology; East Allegheny
Shook, Tiffany – Childcare Services; Highlands 
Swidorsky, Anthony – Emergency Response Services; East Allegheny
Sullivan, Haley – Automotive Technology; Plum
Swinton, Mikeya – Advertising Design; Penn Hills
Tiani, Haley – Health Science; Plum
Uber, Kira – Advertising Design; WPSD
Vogeding, Devin – Auto Tech; Gateway
Willis, Lanayja – Health Science; East Allegheny
Wolfarth, Glen – Computer Network & Security; Penn Hills
Zuro, Johnathan – Collision Repair; East Allegheny